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Sunday Breakfast


Day 5: Asian Tofu Style

Its the last day of the tofu challenge and I must say I am still craving more tofu!!! regardless I think this challenge really delineated how a simple ingredient such as  tofu can be made into many delicious and beautiful dishes. This last dish was a last minute thing that I did after coming from a yoga class and feeling like I haven't eaten anything for days. Its really simple and it took less than 30 minutes to cook. Also if you guys have any ideas for challenges let me know, give me the key ingredient and i'll make magic out of it. 

-1 firmed tofu 
-1 red tomato (seedless) 
-3 green onions
- 1/2 tbsp mustard seeds 
-1 tbsp salt 

-1 tbsp grounded tamarind 
-1 tbsp olive oil 
-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar 

1. Chop or dice vegetables and tofu into squares or desirables shapes. 
2. Preheat skillet with little of olive oil, add chopped green onions. Spice onion with salt, and grounded tamarind. Let it sauté and blend with the spices. Saute for 3 minu…

Day 4: Vegan BLT

Its day 4 and I am still alive and thriving on my tofu. Today we are taking a classic meat eaters'  favourite and making into a vegan/ vegetarian friendly. On course continuing on the tofu marathon, the key ingredient in this recipe is TOFU!!!! so lets get cooking!!!

-1 Firm tofu
-1 red bell pepper
-1 Eggplant
-1 red tomato
-Romanian Lettuce
-2 tbsp sesame seeds
-3 tbsp toasted sesame vinegar
-2 tbsp cumin
-1 tbsp salt
-1 tbsp mexican chill powder
-white panini
-Olive oil

1. Slice firm tofu into square shape or a desirable. In a small bowl spice the tofu with cumin, salt, mexican chilli powder, sesame seeds and toasted sesame vinegar. Mix well with the sesame vinegar, let it blend with the flavours for five minutes.
2. Then reheat a skillet with a little of olive oil, then fry or sauté the tofu till golden brown. Then let it cool down.
3. Slice eggplant and red bell pepper into a desirable shape or square, spice with little salt and cumin. Then deep…

Day 3: Tofu Burrito

Hola everyone, its day three and I am still thriving on tofu!!! continuing on the tofu marathon today we are going south and taking a classic mexican recipe and making it into a vegan's dream meal. This recipe is really simple and as always its vegan and vegetarian friendly, but above all i think whether you are a vegan or not you will enjoy this dish.

-Firm tofu
- tomato
-half oragane
-2 tbsp cumin
-1 tbsp black pepper
-1 salt
-2 tbsp olive oil
-3 tbsp Mexican chilli powder

-1 Tomato (remove seeds)
-1 jalapeño
-3 green onions
-1 tbsp lime juice
-1 tbsp olive oil
-1 tbsp black pepper
-1 tbsp salt

1. In large cooking pan, pour little of olive oil, let it heat a little and add tomato. Saute chopped tomato spice with cumin, chilli powder, black pepper and salt. Let it cook till tomatoes are dead or close to a sauce.
2. Add diced tofu into the tomato, mix very well, and let cook for three minutes. Add a little  of sevile organge juice (un-swee…

Day 2: Tofu Sesam Salad

Hola everyone, hope all is good. Continuing on the tofu marathon today we are having a delicious tofu salad. This is unlike any other salad, its classic yet modern! 

-Half firm tofu 
-1 cup of sesame seeds 
-1 Jalapeño pepper
-1 tomato 
-Toasts sesame vinegar 
- 1 tbsp Mexican chilli powder 
-1/2 tbsp Cumin 
- 2 tbsp Olive Oil
-1 tbsp Black ground pepper
-Redwine vinegar 
-Romanian Lettuce 
-1 tbsp salt

1. In  large bowl chopped tofu into desirable size, spice with cumin, mexican chilli powder, and  black pepper. Add 1 tbsp of sesame vinegar and let it set in the sesame vinegar for 3 minutes, let the tofu observe the vinegar. 
2. In the meanwhile in a large bowl chop tomato, carrot, jalapeño pepper, and romanian lettuce. Spice with salt, olive oil and little of redwine  vinegar. 
3. After 3 minutes, in large skillet or frying pan add little of olive oil add tofu and let sauté till golden brown. 
4. Once done, Mix the tofu with the salad top with sesame seeds and lit…

Tofu Marathon: Vegan Tofu Pizza

As a vegetarian and almost vegan people always ask me where do you get your protein, and my answer is always tofu! My major source of protein is tofu becuase I just LOVE TOFu and there are many things you can make tofu out of, like pizza, burger, burrito and more. So to prove to those who hate tofu or don't understand how I can eat tofu almost everyday and not get sick of it, i've decided to cook classic dishes using tofu!!! Today I will be showing how a simple pizza can turned into a beautiful tofu recipe.

-Pizza dough (prackaged uncooked pizza dough)
-1 small tomato
-1/2 red bell pepper
- 1/2 firm tofu
-3 green onion
-2 carrots
-1 cayenna and jalapeno pepper
-Half tomato sauce
-1/2 tbsp ground black pepper
-1 tbsp cumin
-1 tbsp ground ginger
-1 tbsp ground tamarind
-2 coriander
-1 sea salt
-2 tbsp olive oil
-vegan cheese


1. Chop all vegetables into desirable shapes.
2. In a large cooking pot, add 1 tbsp of olive oil, add tofu and green onions. Spice w…

Onion Pasta

I think we all love pasta, and pasta is one of those ingredients that you can make with anything, pasta with sauce, vegetables, meat, fish or whatever you desire. I decided to experiment with onion pasta which came out to be probably one of my favourite recipes. The whole thing is really simple and takes less than 45 minutes to do.
-Pasta (packed)
-3 tomato (chopped-seedless) leave in cold water for 5 minutes
-2 large white onions (chopped in ring shapes)
-2 tbsp cumin
-2 tbsp curry
-2 tbsp black pepper
-4 tbsp olive oil
-1 tbsp sea salt
-1 tbsp ginger (grounded)
-2 tbsp coriander
-2 tbsp mexican chilli powder
-4 garlic (chopped)
-Red wine vinegar

1. Cook pasta according to package. Once done,  resins and let it cool off.
2. In a large cooking pot, add olive oil let it heat, add onions spice with cumin, ginger, mexican chilli powder, salt, curry, coriander and black pepper. Stir regularly, sauté onion till golden brown. make sure its soft and has a tender texture …

Happy 100th Birthday Julia Child


Closing Ceremony - Take That - London 2012 Olympic Games

So this is like my new favourite band. After watching their performance during the London 2012 Olympic closing ceremony I felt obligated to check this band out, and I must say I am not disappointed because they are pretty good.

Yoga Ottawa - Rama Lotus | Blog

Onion Fries

So lately I have this new obsession with street food, and if you read my last post you will know why. To continue on my path of street food, i've decided to come up with this awesome new recipe. I think we all love french fires, or poutine, so to make my own version of poutine, I've decided to make french fries into Onion fries which makes it sound fancy and also less fatty.

Ingredients: -2 green onion (chopped)  -half white onion (chopped) -Packaged McCain fries -1 tomato (chopped)  -Romaine lettuce -2 tbsp red wine vinegar  -1 tbsp salt  -1 tbsp ground pepper  -2 tbsp olive oil
Steps:  -In a skillet or pot add two table spoon of olive oil, and add onions, and salt. Let it saute or cook till golden brown.  -Add fries mix with the onion stir for a minute and every now and then. Let it cook for two minute and add red wine vinegar. Let it cook for three minutes.  -In the mean while chop lettuce and tomato into little plate, spice with salt add fries and you a…

Indian Express

So my passsion for food is growing almost everyday, and its further reinforced by this awesome show on the Food Network call Eat street, it broadcasts street food across north American. Recently they went to London England, and came across this amazing guy who cooks Indian food on the street, "Everybody LoveLove Jhal Muri Express" one of his top seller is Jhal Muri a fusion of indian spices with lentil and others. So I decided to do my own version of Jhal Muri, instead of calling it Jhal Muri its call, 'Indian Express"Here is the link for the orginal recipe of Jhal Muri,

Indian Express: Ingredient
-1/ 4 cup of French lentills (washed and resined) or can
-Chick pea (can)
-1/4 cup of wild rice
-1 cucumber (chopped)
-1 tomato (chopped)
-3 green onion
-1 cayenna and jalapeno pepper (chopped)
-2 tbsp grounded ginger
-2 tbsp fresh lime juice
-1 tbsp mustard seeds
-2 tbsp grounded tamarind
-2 coriander
-2 tbsp cumin
-1 sea salt