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Be unapologetic, slow down and let go

I find bumblebees to be fascinating insects because they always seem to be busy, doing something if not bothering and terrifying people they are doing something else. Among the many things I like about them is the fact that they are hardworking, and highly organized insects. It is this sense of discipline, teamwork and cooperation that draws me to them. It is easy for me to identify with their sense of discipline and perception of constantly being busy or working. Like many I enjoy being busy and buzzing around, the notion of taking a day off to just relax seems so simple to many, yet so foreign to me.
I think many of us are satisfied with this bumblebee life, and there is nothing wrong with it because it is within this state of constantly being busy that we thrive and find ourselves most contented. Where the sun shines and the birds chirp. But sooner or later our bodies will send us the signal to say slow down. This is the state I found myself in today being occupied all week with wor…

Being ordinary is extraordinary

Learning to take care of ourselves is the hardness thing, most of us have constructed a very busy life, so the notion of taking a day off or an hour to appreciate the little thing or the ordinary things seems impossible. We have been taught to reject the ordinary things and rejoice only in the extraordinary things, but often time we are blinded by this flawed perception of reality. Often time we miss our own good fortunate because happiness does not always comes in grant gestures or in the extraordinary things, but in ways we don’t even notice. Happiness comes in the ordinary things, the small things that we’ve been socialized to reject. Often time I am remind my happy moment as those ordinary moments such as talking to a friend, hanging out with a friend, taking a long bath, or enjoying a good practice. These moments seems so mundane, yet when I reflect upon them there is something about them that brings joy and a feeling of extraordinary. This is the beauty of happiness or good fort…

The Binding Bowl

Inspired by dinner at (Pure Kitchen), I had a chance today to create my first vegetarian bowl; inspire by their creation of the warrior bowl.  I am fascinated by meal bowls, there is something beautiful and eye catching about bowl meals, big, bountiful bowls are all the rage and it's easy to see why. A simple bowl meal is a creation of beauty and art in itself that catches the attention of everyone. A bowl is arrangement go veggies, and proteins (grains, noodles, quinoa, chickpeas etc....). It is beautiful creation that is made of everything,a little of this and little of that. 
1-2 serving 

Ingredients 2 cup of white Quinoa 1 cup of Almond 2 tomato 1 or 2 Avocado 3 organic eggs 3 cups of kale leaves Dressing 4 tb. s spoon of grounded yellow mustard 1 tbsp. spoon of black mustard seeds 1 tbsp Mexican Chili powder 1 tbsp Cumin1 cup of Sesame seeds Lime 1 tbsp Turmeric 1/4 Salt and pepper Olive oil 1 cup of vinegar Instructions Quinoa: Add quinoa and water to a medium sauce pan. Bring the…