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Pesto Revolution

Wow, what can I say…the month just flew by like a bird freed from its cage. It is already mid January, and I am still wondering how did I make it this far without realizing it. Anyway, keeping with my New year's resolution of blogging as much as possible I finally bought by Josaph Shuldiner book, Pure Vegan: 70 recipes For Beautiful Meals and Clean Living to help me keep my promise. The book is pretty good, one thing I love about it is how simple, and easy the recipes are which is a BIG plus. I will attempt to try all 70 recipes. With that said, I have another yummy recipes to all vegan/vegetarian audiences. I recently came across this beautiful cooking blog, and I fell in love with both of them, mynewrootsbetacyanin and sproutedkitchen all site/blogs have easy delicious recipes, which brings me to today's recipe which is from Sproutedkitchen. This recipe is fairy easy, and worth trying. As always I try to make the recipe in way that is comfortable, and enjoyable to me. Ho…

Carrot Soup and Pesto

Happy new year, and I hope all of your wishes and dreams do come true this year. So,  I had little to no time to blog at all during the first semester, but I truly hope this semester will be different. If you are a vegan, or vegetarian you probably know about the amazing food magazine call Vegetarian Magazine. This magazine has great recipes, for vegan, vegetarian, or even meat eaters. So, this week I had the chance of trying one of their recipes, however like always I like to make it my own. This is my firs time making carrot soup, and i have to say it turned out pretty good, but the only downside i putt way too much garlic, and I cannot handle the taste of garlic that seems to linger. Also, the difference between the my recipe and Vegetarian times, I used almond instead of almond for the pesto. Also, the pesto is my own home made recipe. Furthermore, in my recipe as always I cannot stand any food that lack seasoning and spices, so I ensured that I used favourable spices. 
Vegetarian …