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BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD - Official Trailer (2012) [HD]


DIY Sunday: Recycle and Reuse clothes

          Hi everyone, hope you've all had a beautiful weekend full of memorable moments and people. Over the weekend I've decided to blog about other things beside food and food on this blog. By other things that means DIY projects, health advices, environment, and just things that will make you live a healthy and beautiful life. With that said, lets talk DIY projects. I've recently developed this obsession with thrive shopping which I am proud to admit becuase I used to be one of those people who just shopped at a high end stores and spent $50-60 for a shirt or sweater. But then I realize that what I buy at an expansive store for $50 I can get at a second, or thrive store for $6 dollars. You'd be amazed at what threat, and needle can do. So over the weekend I had the opportunity to go to this vintage store (second hand store) and got this really cool pants, but as always it was too big and looked like PJs. So instead of  not buying pants, I've decided to buy it a…

Red Wine Vinegar and Potatoe

Hola, everyone, the weekend as finally come.To be honest I personally think the week went too fast, regardless I am please that the weekend is here. I meant to blog yesterday, but I had a little incident that left me shaken and just wanted to hide in my room. 
Enough about my life, lets talk about FOOD!!!, as always I am trying different recipes just about everyday, and over the week I decided to make my own recipe. The key ingredients in this recipe is Tofu and Potatoes, I love tofu if I could live only on tofu I'd probably be able to do it. 

4 potatoes (two of each kind, Norland red and Yukon Gold) chopped and diced
packaged Firm tofu 
1 Green bell pepper 
2 green onion 
3 tbsp red wine vinegar 
1 tbsp sea salt 
2 tbsp chili powder 
3 tbsp  red pepper flakes 
3 tbsp black pepper 
olive oil 
3 tbsp chili powder 
4 chili pepper 
2 Jalapeño pepper

1. Pre-heat oven 350. Cover oven pan with foil, oil it with olive oil. Put the chopped potatoes, into the pan spice it with red wine vi…

English Tea with Lentil salad

Salut tout le monde,  thé weekend is almost here and I am super excited!  Recently one of my co-worker went to London England, and she brought us English tea which I love so much. I had my last cup of English tea yesterday and I am disappointed that I don't have ay left. Regardless, I surely enjoyed my last cup of english tea. I am not sure if this says something about the British intellects, but the box gave direction on how to make a tea, which I think is sunny for two reasons, one because everyone knows how to make a tea, two its ironic because British are associated with tea it seems almost stupid to put the direction. Regardless, I enjoy my British English tea.  With my last English tea I had a delicious lentil salad with Spinach. This recipe is really simple, and its my go to recipe when I am tired or just not in the mood for cooking. Similar to the Barely salad, you can add just about anything. I prefer to keep it simple, but colourful. 
Ingredients: 2-3 cups brown lentil (wash…

Vegan Lemon Bar and Rainbow

Hola, hope everyone is having a great start to the week.
So today started pretty bad, but ended with a bright rainbow. First my alarm clock decided not to go off, of all the days, when I have an interview, to top the morning it was raining outside. However despite rocky start, lunch was amazing. I had spinach and tofu filled samosa, sided with Vegan lemon bar which I must say is AMAZING!!!. Its my first time trying it and I must say I LOVE IT!!!!! I think this will be my next recipe to try, I am not big on baking despite working in a bakery department because of my previous experience with baking. But, I am willing to take the challenge and try it. To end the end, when after finishing work, I came out to a BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW!
I am not sure when I'll try baking the Vegan Lemon bars so, in the main time, if you guys want try the recipe here's a link, Savvy Vegetarian or you go visit your local Herb & Spice Shop to buy

Classic French Movies and Red Wine

Bonjour!Lately I've been embracing my love for classic movies, but above all classic French movies. Despite my little understanding of French I can read English, so subtitles are always helpful. I recently saw the movie "The Dreamers" which was interesting, all I can remember is nudity, cute French guy, WINE!!! classic movies and incest. Despite the weird incestuous relationship between Theo and Isabelle, the movie was pretty good. After watching the movie, I decided to embrace my addiction to classic movies and WINE! Yesterday I saw "Meet me in St. Louis" a classic movie which I saw three times already,  last "Une Femme Est Une Femme" with Anna Karine an amazing French actress. I haven't seen it yet, but will soon

Pea and Lentil soup

Salut tout le monde, 
Another week and weekend as come and gone. Hope you've all had an incroyable weekend, to those who's weekend is about to start, have fun and be adventurous. Over the weekend I didn't have the chance of doing a lot of things, but I manage to fit some time for wine, I had the chance of going to one of my favourite restaurant, Blue Cactus the one place that servers the best nacho in Ottawa. I remember ordering small plate, but when the plate arrived I thought it was large. Also I had the chance of having two glass of pinot noir red wine. 
Despite the less adventurous week, I manage to cook something really good that's vegan, vegetarian and eat eaters friendly. Pea and lentil soup, this was suppose to be a soup but it turned into dip, I could've added more vegetable broth, but I decided to go with the dip feeling, and it still taste and looks incroyable.

Weekend adventure-Pinot NoirIngredients
1-2 cups green lentil (washed and resined. Can optional…

Vegan Stuffed Shells

Hi everyone, hope you've all had a great week, and plan great adventures for the weekend. Yesterday I had the great pleasure of making one of my favourite recipe, despite the long process it was completely worth it, stuffed vegan shells. This recipe proves to everyone that vegans can eat anything that non-vegans can eat. I've never cooked pasta shells before and I must say, I can't wait to experiment more with it. As a guideline, I used two sites, and

2 tbsp vegan margarine or olive oil1 1/2 teaspoons crushed red pepper flake1tbsp sea salt 3 medium cloves of garlic, finely chopped2 (14.5 ounce) can tomato sauce (roasted garlic and herbs)3 tbsp red wine vinegar1 tbsp chilli powder

Barley Salad with spicy Sauce

Hiya beautiful people, hope you've all had an amazing week full of adventures and great memories!!! 

If you recall from my last post, I said I was spending the weekend trying different recipes which is what I did, and I must say I am very PROUD of the end results. I Manage to do two dishes, a main course and a side dish. Today I am going to blog about the side dish, Barley salad with spicy sauce. This recipe is amazingly simple, and has the potential of improvement and changes. 

-2-3 cups of Barley 
-2 Green onion
-1 Cherry tomato 
-1 or 1/2 Cucumber 
-1 Yellow Bell pepper
-1 1/2 tbsp of black pepper 
-1 tbsp of chilli pepper (grounded) 
-1 tbsp of red pepper flacks 
-1/2 tbsp of sea salt 
-2 tbsp of vinegar
-1 tbsp of olive oil 

1. Wash and resein barley. While a water is boiling add salt, and Barley, let it cook for 20-30 minutes. Remember Barley is similar to rice, so don't be hurrying because it requires time in order to sustain that moist and just perfect texture. 


Hiya everyone, happy weekend! unlike everyone, my plan for the weekend is to cook, I came across this great recipe for lentil and cannot wait to try it, i'll keep you guys posted. 

With that done, lets talk about FOOD! so a lot of you may not know this, but I had the pleasure of living in Egypt when I was little. The one thing that I always do to remember the great time I had there is by cooking Egyptian foods. Among these great food is falafel and fava beans sandwitch. Every time I have the opportunity to whip this quick recipe I take the chance. 
The option is to whether make your own falafel or buy some. I usually tend to go toward buying ones that already made instead of making one at home because its a family tradition at our house to order out every thursday of the month once or twice.  This is something to do if you are lazy and don't feel like cooking. 

-Falafel (store bought) 
-fava beans (can)
-Peta bread
-2 tbsp of curry powder, 
-2 tbsp of Mexican chill powde…