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Amazing Vegan Receipes

Namasta, I haven't uploaded or written anything for months, but the wait is completely worth it. Over the courses of the months, I've been trying new recipes and most of them turned out pretty good, the amazing thing most of them cost me less then $5 dollars.The first recipes is mix of rices and lentil. The Following rices, -White -Brown -Black -Basmati -red -Lentil Direction: Cook all the different types of rice together, in a largepot of well salted water. Cook the rice the way you prefer to cook it. Then cook the lentil in another pot of well salted water, for about 8 minutes. Mix the rice and lentil and add spices togive it flavour. The Second recipe Macaroni Salada, from 101 cookbook, here's the link, As always I did my own version of the recipe.
The next recipe is the version of this recipe from 101 cookbook, here's the link for the recipe, htt…