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"you are the generation without borders"

I just came from listening to probably the least uninterested lecture ever!! by the amazing Senator Romeo Dallair.  I've read all of his books, and I have to say meeting the man who has inspired  me was just amazing!!!
He talked a lot of the issue with atrocities, why it keep happening, and the lack of preventable actions. Among the things that really stood out for me was his argument that democracy does not happen within a period of time, but it requires time not 8 years, but maybe 80 years or even more. This really stood to me because we have the tendency of thinking that democracy can be imposed in nations where it has never existed. When in reality it has to start slowly with having institutions that advocates, and allows for discourse about democracy. Another point that he spoke about was the issue of unsustainable method of preventing atrocities. He argues that its about sustainable way of thinking, rather than thinking about the short term what's needed is long term solu…

Paperman Disney

Little something to start the Week off with.

My Top five of the Week

So, today was the daylight saving, and I am not sure how I feel about it so far, I managed to go to bed at 2 am and wake up at 8, then slept for another hour and woke up at 9. Having to wake up to birds chirping is great!!  Lately I've been feeling really tired, exhausted, and fatigue which I thought I was me over working myself, but then i realized its my lack of eating, especially because I am vegetarian who is iron deficient and I barely eat any protection or dairy products such as egg or even drink milk. So with this daytime saving hopefully I can gain some of that energy, and gain my health back.
With that said, as of today I launching top five things which I either discovered during the week or just enjoyed.
1. Going Natural: I have decided to do the big chop which is a "movement"mainly in the black women community of going natural, no weave, braids, wigs(which I cannot and will never wear) and processed chemicals in your hair, just embracing your naturally beautif…

Carrot and Cucumber pasta Pesto

It still amazes me how much excesses I come up for not blogging, but here I am blogging so its fine. Even thought I haven't tried any new recipes lately, this recipe is an long one i tried long time ago. Lately I've noticed that all the recipes i try seems to revolve around pesto sauce which is really strange, but then again who does not love pesto.With the aid of the amazing cooking blog of Betacyanin I had the chance of trying out this really simple, and cost affordable recipe. The version I did is completely different than the original one, but as always I like giving credit where I got the recipe, above all to give you guys the option of trying both. Here is the link for the original recipe: Betacyanin. Here is MY version of the recipe
 1 large Basil or spinach ( I prefer the spinach) 1/2 medium clove garlic handful of almond (nuts are optional)sesame oil or roasted garlic oilPinch of sea salt grated lemon zest 2 carrot Shaved parmesanCucumber INSTRUCTIONS  Car…