"you are the generation without borders"

I just came from listening to probably the least uninterested lecture ever!! by the amazing Senator Romeo Dallair.  I've read all of his books, and I have to say meeting the man who has inspired  me was just amazing!!!
He talked a lot of the issue with atrocities, why it keep happening, and the lack of preventable actions. Among the things that really stood out for me was his argument that democracy does not happen within a period of time, but it requires time not 8 years, but maybe 80 years or even more. This really stood to me because we have the tendency of thinking that democracy can be imposed in nations where it has never existed. When in reality it has to start slowly with having institutions that advocates, and allows for discourse about democracy. Another point that he spoke about was the issue of unsustainable method of preventing atrocities. He argues that its about sustainable way of thinking, rather than thinking about the short term what's needed is long term solutions. Thinking of the long terms. Its about thinking of way to prevent atrocities  Its about being proactive rather than reactive. All of this can be accomplished only through our generation, not the baby boomers, its about us the generation he defined as "Generation without borders" this generation has the ability to change the world,and make the rules. WE are the generation without borders because of our ability to utilize the technology we are presented with right now, twitter, facebook, tumblrs, blogs, name it, and we have the ability to utilize it for change. In Canada there are.2.5 million of this generation without boarders, we have the power to change the world. All we need to do is get our boots dirty, and get off our ass!!


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