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Tabbouleh with Chickpeas and spring salad

Hey everyone, it's monday hope you're all having an awesome monday. I meant to cook yesterday and blog about my vegetarian and vegan cuisine but I was too busy and had work. So today I decided to cook something from this book called "Easy Vegan simple recipes for healthy eating" The cuisine that I made today is delicious and took me less than ten minutes to do. I came from Bridgehead ten minutes ago so I bought odwalla justice to go with my dinner.


One of my favourite places is Bridghead, I am bridgehead girl and will always be.
Bridgehead is a fair trade coffeehouse based in Ottawa, they carry organic teas, and goods. Also they have vegetarian and vegan food. Some of my favourite things about bridgehead is the music, they have a great playlist which is composed of indie, alternative to jazz. Also, the food, the food there is amazing, every time I go there they always have something new and delicious.Such as the following, red quinoa with red cherry tomato, raisin oatmeal cookies, carrot cake, vegan granola brand and vegetarian pate, these are some of my favourite things to eat there. Drinks wise, one of my favourite drink is chai latte, their chai latte is delicious compared to Starbucks. Also green tea with lemon infusion and Odwalla drinks, my favourite is superfood. Last thing that I love about Bridgehead is the atmosphere, very warm and welcoming.

Energy Breakfast

Namaste. So I woke p this morning thinking I am going to have a super power breakfast today, but unfortunately we don't have any beagle or oatmeal at home. So I ended up making energy breakfast that require just power food. So as always I have my, -green chai tea -Kiwi-Full of vitamin C -Almond-Great source of manganese/vitamin E, and also it reduces your chances of heart disease. -Strawberry-Full of Vitamin C, prevents cardiovascular disease, improve blood regulation, reduces risk of diabetes and prevents certain cancer. -Dry Cranberry-Vitamin C.

Power Breakfast and Lunch

Namaste.Today's super power breakfast and lunch. breakfast: - two slice of beagle, -Jam -Three strawberry -green chai tea with honey, never sugar. Lunch: Spinach salade -Spinach -almonds -dry cranberry -strawberry

Quinoa and spinach

One of my favourite youtube site is Tarastilesyoga's. Tara's channel is full of yoga things, from yoga for beginner to the pro. Last week I cam across this recipe that she uphold, Its quinoa and spinach.As a vegetarian I am always looking for something to replace with protein and Quinoa is a great source of protein. It's an amino acid-rich (protein). Not only is it high in protein, but it has all the nine essential amino acid. Spinach is rich in antioxidants, source of vitamin A, and folic acid. For many vegetarian like me out there you probably suffer from iron deficiency, and spinach is great source of iron. Recipe: -Quinoa -Spinach -Red bell pepper -salt -olive oil -Black pepper direction: Steam the spinach for 6 minutes, cook quinoa till ready. Cut red bell pepper into little dices. Mix all the ingredients together,add salt, black pepper, and alive oil. For my version of it, I decided to side it with strawberry and almonds. Bon Appetit…

Bikram yoga!!

Namaste everyone, it's funny how I am saying " Namaste everyone" when I have no followers, goes to depicts the desperation. But It really doesn't matter whether I have followers or not, I am here to talk about YOGA! So I did hot Bikram yoga on Thursday and after coming out of the class, I realize how much I love taking it. I've always done hot yoga because I am so used to it and found it easy because I've doing yoga for almost three years. But taking Bikram yoga made my body hurt which I missed, from doing hot yoga. So I am officially announcing that I am going to be trained as bikram yoga teacher this summer, hopeful become the next and only black yoga teacher.