One of my favourite places is Bridghead, I am bridgehead girl and will always be.
Bridgehead is a fair trade coffeehouse based in Ottawa, they carry organic teas, and goods.
Also they have vegetarian and vegan food. Some of my favourite things about bridgehead is the music, they have a great playlist which is composed of indie, alternative to jazz. Also, the food, the food there is amazing, every time I go there they always have something new and delicious.Such as the following, red quinoa with red cherry tomato, raisin oatmeal cookies, carrot cake, vegan granola brand and vegetarian pate, these are some of my favourite things to eat there. Drinks wise, one of my favourite drink is chai latte, their chai latte is delicious compared to Starbucks. Also green tea with lemon infusion and Odwalla drinks, my favourite is superfood. Last thing that I love about Bridgehead is the atmosphere, very warm and welcoming.

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