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On minimalism

For the past few months I've been trying to transition into a minimalist. Why minimalism, why not?
My experience of working in retail has turned me into a minimalist early on, but I didn't make anything of it until I did one day. Seeing the same customer come to the store every week to purchase the newest thing on the shelve makes you question what is that's missing in their life that material possession seems to be the logical answer to fill the void. While I critiqued and criticized these customer(s) and questioned their happiness, little did I know I was just like them. Like them their happiness seems to be depended on material possession, the more they consumed the happier they seem, but that happiness only lasted for a certain period of time and the cycle starts over again. 
I would not say that I have a lot of things per se (clothes in particular), or at least that's what I thought. While I hate shopping and spending money on clothes the process of becoming a …