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Namaste everyone, long time no see or should I say long time no writing. Hope you've all had a great summer full of amazing experiences and new discoveries. As always when I have something to write on this blog it always has something to do with food. I am always looking for the best place to eat, a place that's organic, vegan and vegetarian friendly, and I've found a place that's accommodate the needs of everyone, whether you are vegetarian or not they have something for everyone. This amazing place is call Bowich, its an organic sandwich place in Downtown centre, Bank Street. My friend and I have been wanting to go this place for long time, and last week we finally went and I am amaze at their food. The place is very welcoming and "homey." one of my favourite thing about this restaurant beside the bright colour chairs, indie hipster atmosphere, and amazing food is their cups for water, instead of using a glass they've decided to use jars as cups, which…