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Leek and Sweet Pea Soup

There is nothing like a hot soup on a rainy or snowy day. A simple bright soup can make a significant difference in one’s mood. As the weather changes from sunny  and chilly having a soup seems like a logical answer to everything. One of my favorite thing during the winter is coming home and having a hot soup. I love making soups because I personally believe that it is the one thing that anyone can cook, there is little to no chance of messing up a simple soup, but also you can personalize it as much as possible to meet your personality or what you love. In other words there is no way of going wrong when making a simple soup. This soup recipe is from one of my favorite blogger and now author Sara Forte. This is my own take of her version of Herby Leek Pea Soup. As always my modification is made in a way to make it not only healthy, but also vegan friendly. But if you prefer the original recipe you could either get it from her site ( or from the book: The Sprouted K…

Arugula Spiced Lentil Salad

Happy New Year, so I am sure everyone has already began living up to their New Year Resolution. The most common resolutions are  of course exercising more, losing weight, getting fit, and last but not least is eating healthy and dieting.  But lets be honest most people give up on those resolutions within weeks. Most resolutions fail because of many reasons among them being we make too many resolutions at one time. We don’t get started right away, unwillingness to fail when trying to achieve them, and last we quit before the finish line. But this shouldn’t discourage one from making them, rather then not making any, one should set goals, and not resolutions. Goals that are achievable and above all make one or two goals rather than making a list of things you hope to achieve. Having one or two goals allows one to really focus on it and provide the goal the attention it needs. So if you made a list of resolutions for 2016 I strongly recommend reassessing these resolutions by focusing only …