My Top five of the Week

So, today was the daylight saving, and I am not sure how I feel about it so far, I managed to go to bed at 2 am and wake up at 8, then slept for another hour and woke up at 9. Having to wake up to birds chirping is great!!  Lately I've been feeling really tired, exhausted, and fatigue which I thought I was me over working myself, but then i realized its my lack of eating, especially because I am vegetarian who is iron deficient and I barely eat any protection or dairy products such as egg or even drink milk. So with this daytime saving hopefully I can gain some of that energy, and gain my health back.
With that said, as of today I launching top five things which I either discovered during the week or just enjoyed.
1. Going Natural: I have decided to do the big chop which is a "movement"mainly in the black women community of going natural, no weave, braids, wigs(which I cannot and will never wear) and processed chemicals in your hair, just embracing your naturally beautiful curly hair, and let it grow natural without all the processed chemical. I have to say I am enjoying having short hair, despite getting looks from people probably thinking "what was she thinking" I am happily contented with it.
2. solane Knowles- I recently heard one of her songs and I am currently obsessed with it.
3. Red wine: yes, I did not discovered wine for the first time, but I haven't had one in the last two months and I bough a bottle on Friday so I am happy again.
4. Vandana Shiva: This women is amazing!! I am currently writing a paper on the impact or dictatorship that involves in World Trade organization (WTO) and its intellectual Property Rights (IPR). I am using India's small scale farmer as a case study to analysis the issue of patent laws, and especially when vital plant such as neem is being patent by multinational companies who have complete monopoly over it. I've known about it for long tim, but she deserves more attention.
5. Naked vegan cooking: A friend actually told me about this cooking blog. I haven't tried any of the recipes on the blog, however! I read and saw some really interesting recipes which I cannot wait to try. Yes, there is nudity in the blog, which I think its great not because I am obsessed with the nake human  body, but because I think we have beautiful bodies that are oppressed by society, and for someone to have the courage to stand against the oppressor I value their courage. Maybe, one day I will post a a recipe there.

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