Hiya everyone, happy weekend! unlike everyone, my plan for the weekend is to cook, I came across this great recipe for lentil and cannot wait to try it, i'll keep you guys posted. 

With that done, lets talk about FOOD! so a lot of you may not know this, but I had the pleasure of living in Egypt when I was little. The one thing that I always do to remember the great time I had there is by cooking Egyptian foods. Among these great food is falafel and fava beans sandwitch. Every time I have the opportunity to whip this quick recipe I take the chance. 
The option is to whether make your own falafel or buy some. I usually tend to go toward buying ones that already made instead of making one at home because its a family tradition at our house to order out every thursday of the month once or twice.  This is something to do if you are lazy and don't feel like cooking. 

-Falafel (store bought) 
-fava beans (can)
-Peta bread
-2 tbsp of curry powder, 
-2 tbsp of Mexican chill powder
-2 tbsp of black pepper
-1 tbsp of salt
-1 small Onion 
-tomato (slice)

Drain and resin beans, let it dry. Cook onion till golden brown. Spice onion and let cook for one minute. Add the beans and let it cook till the water dries out. Its a sandwich so you can put whatever you want. 

This is a great recipe to do during the weekend, especially when you are still little drunk and hung over. Also its completely vegan and vegetarian friendly. 

Enjoy your meal!!

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