Sunday Challenge Pose: Grasshopper

Yesterday I had the most amazing practice or it felts like the most amazing practice in a while; I've recently decided to do all of my practice at home because I am currently unemployed and cannot effort going to a studio every day, so instead I have decided to take control of my practice by doing an hour of yoga everyday starting with simple asana flow sequences than doing challenging poses. Yesterday I decided to do a semi-challenging pose that I haven't done  in a while and I was surprise by how easy the pose has become, all it took was just practice.

This is one of those really challenging but great arm balance that requires using pretty much every aspect of you body which I absolutely love because you are not just working on your legs, but also you arms, hips, upper body etc.. It require both open hips, deep twisting and upper body strength, which is something I absolutely lack. The key to this pose is finding a place where you are comfortable and build from there; but also making sure you warm up before you try the pose which will make a significant difference. I'd be lying if I said the first time you try it will turn out perfect, but remember with anything that you try new you only become an expert from practice, so if you fail the first time keep practicing.

Start in stating position with you hands in  pray pose; then shift your weight to either the right or left leg depending on which side you are doing it; for now let say right foot. So shift your weight to your right food, lift the leg off the floor and place the left ankle above the right knee.

Bend your right knee until you end up in a half chair, in this position you can adjust your place, find your place and where you are comfortable, make sure to flex your feet. From here bend the standing leg, keep twisting from the upper body and the palms of your hand down along side the long end  of your mat. Placing your hands should width apart, spread your fingers and root down from the thumb to the index. In this position you should pull your heat through your upper arm, gas forward and lean your weight toward your hands, while squeezing the outer right elbow into the side of waist. Once you've found your balance you can extend the right leg straight out to the side and you are in the full express of grasshopper.

I used Yoga Journal Kathryn Budig break of how to do this pose which is really helpful, so you can follow the link if you need another look into how to do it


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