Vegan Lemon Bar and Rainbow

Hola, hope everyone is having a great start to the week.
So today started pretty bad, but ended with a bright rainbow. First my alarm clock decided not to go off, of all the days, when I have an interview, to top the morning it was raining outside. However despite rocky start, lunch was amazing. I had spinach and tofu filled samosa, sided with Vegan lemon bar which I must say is AMAZING!!!. Its my first time trying it and I must say I LOVE IT!!!!! I think this will be my next recipe to try, I am not big on baking despite working in a bakery department because of my previous experience with baking. But, I am willing to take the challenge and try it. To end the end, when after finishing work, I came out to a BEAUTIFUL RAINBOW!
I am not sure when I'll try baking the Vegan Lemon bars so, in the main time, if you guys want try the recipe here's a link, Savvy Vegetarian or you go visit your local Herb & Spice Shop to buy

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