DIY Sunday: Recycle and Reuse clothes

          Hi everyone, hope you've all had a beautiful weekend full of memorable moments and people. Over the weekend I've decided to blog about other things beside food and food on this blog. By other things that means DIY projects, health advices, environment, and just things that will make you live a healthy and beautiful life. With that said, lets talk DIY projects. I've recently developed this obsession with thrive shopping which I am proud to admit becuase I used to be one of those people who just shopped at a high end stores and spent $50-60 for a shirt or sweater. But then I realize that what I buy at an expansive store for $50 I can get at a second, or thrive store for $6 dollars. You'd be amazed at what threat, and needle can do. So over the weekend I had the opportunity to go to this vintage store (second hand store) and got this really cool pants, but as always it was too big and looked like PJs. So instead of  not buying pants, I've decided to buy it and do a make over with it. With just threat, needle, and scissor I went from having a pj pant to a fishtail maxi skirt.  Simple as that I went from a 20 dollar pant to 50 something skirt. 
A part from shopping for less, thrive shopping or secondhand shopping has a great value on environment like the old say,  RECYCLE AND RESUSE!! 
Why Shop Second hand clothes: 
1. Reduces the pressure put on the environment through the production of new cloths
2. No new material or fuel spend on the production of new clothes
This is just among the two benefits. For more info visit, Ecomii
To learn how to make your fishtail skirt visit, Blog.freepeople

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