Classic French Movies and Red Wine

The Dreamers: Michael Pitt, Evea Green, and Louis Garrel
Bonjour!Lately I've been embracing my love for classic movies, but above all classic French movies. Despite my little understanding of French I can read English, so subtitles are always helpful. I recently saw the movie "The Dreamers" which was interesting, all I can remember is nudity, cute French guy, WINE!!! classic movies and incest. Despite the weird incestuous relationship between Theo and Isabelle, the movie was pretty good. After watching the movie, I decided to embrace my addiction to classic movies and WINE! Yesterday I saw "Meet me in St. Louis" a classic movie which I saw three times already,  last "Une Femme Est Une Femme" with Anna Karine an amazing French actress. I haven't seen it yet, but will soon

Une femme est une femme

Louis Garrel as Theo


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