Be unapologetic, slow down and let go

I find bumblebees to be fascinating insects because they always seem to be busy, doing something if not bothering and terrifying people they are doing something else. Among the many things I like about them is the fact that they are hardworking, and highly organized insects. It is this sense of discipline, teamwork and cooperation that draws me to them. It is easy for me to identify with their sense of discipline and perception of constantly being busy or working. Like many I enjoy being busy and buzzing around, the notion of taking a day off to just relax seems so simple to many, yet so foreign to me.
I think many of us are satisfied with this bumblebee life, and there is nothing wrong with it because it is within this state of constantly being busy that we thrive and find ourselves most contented. Where the sun shines and the birds chirp. But sooner or later our bodies will send us the signal to say slow down. This is the state I found myself in today being occupied all week with work and the weekend with other events I didn’t realized how exhausted I was until I sat down today and tried to simply read. My physical body was there, but my mind was somewhere else. Even as I write this post I am aware that my body is telling me it’s time to slow down. 

We are so focused on being busy and occupied with many things that we forget to just slow down, take a breath and realize that the world is not going anywhere, and an apocalypse will not happen if you just slow down. You’ve got all day or your whole life. It is important to slow down, and it is okay to have an off day, a day to just be lazy and do nothing. It’s okay to have a stop doing list that’s bigger than to do list, do not apologize because you spent your whole day watching Netflix or reading your favorite book instead of doing your laundry, or your research. We’ve got one life and one body make sure to enjoy both do not sacrifice one for the sake of the other, living life does not mean being constantly busy, that is not life. Life is not a race, so slow down. Life can be a beautiful ride if you just slow down and take everything in. The beauty of life cannot be captured in a fast pace moment, you have to slow down to truly grasp the beauty which is called life. Listen to your internal body and the signals it is sending you. It is okay to be like a bumblebee, but even a bumblebee knows when to slow down. Learn to slow down, and take everything in, take a moment to appreciate and thank your body. Slow down, breathe and let go.

 “And starts moving his fingers beneath the words, not always noticing what is written, sometimes skipping whole sentences, sometimes skipping whole lines…
…because his fingers are moving fast and I wanna tell him, „Slow down, Quentin.
You can see it all if your finger whispers on one word.
Slow down and hold what you see just a little bit longer.”
For in a world of fast faces, I’m looking for God everywhere, trying to figure out a little better this little thing he made called a man.”

Anis Mojgani - For Those Who Can Still Ride in Airplanes


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