Day 2: Tofu Sesam Salad


       Hola everyone, hope all is good. Continuing on the tofu marathon today we are having a delicious tofu salad. This is unlike any other salad, its classic yet modern! 

-Half firm tofu 
-1 cup of sesame seeds 
-1 Jalapeño pepper
-1 tomato 
-Toasts sesame vinegar 
- 1 tbsp Mexican chilli powder 
-1/2 tbsp Cumin 
- 2 tbsp Olive Oil
-1 tbsp Black ground pepper
-Redwine vinegar 
-Romanian Lettuce 
-1 tbsp salt

1. In  large bowl chopped tofu into desirable size, spice with cumin, mexican chilli powder, and  black pepper. Add 1 tbsp of sesame vinegar and let it set in the sesame vinegar for 3 minutes, let the tofu observe the vinegar. 
2. In the meanwhile in a large bowl chop tomato, carrot, jalapeño pepper, and romanian lettuce. Spice with salt, olive oil and little of redwine  vinegar. 
3. After 3 minutes, in large skillet or frying pan add little of olive oil add tofu and let sauté till golden brown. 
4. Once done, Mix the tofu with the salad top with sesame seeds and little of toasts sesame vinegar. Serve with garlic stick or bread. 
This recipe is really simple and anyone can make it. The beauty of it is that its not your ordinary salad which is why its soo amazing. Bon Appetit!!!

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