Day 4: Vegan BLT

              Its day 4 and I am still alive and thriving on my tofu. Today we are taking a classic meat eaters'  favourite and making into a vegan/ vegetarian friendly. On course continuing on the tofu marathon, the key ingredient in this recipe is TOFU!!!! so lets get cooking!!!

-1 Firm tofu
-1 red bell pepper
-1 Eggplant
-1 red tomato
-Romanian Lettuce
-2 tbsp sesame seeds
-3 tbsp toasted sesame vinegar
-2 tbsp cumin
-1 tbsp salt
-1 tbsp mexican chill powder
-white panini
-Olive oil

1. Slice firm tofu into square shape or a desirable. In a small bowl spice the tofu with cumin, salt, mexican chilli powder, sesame seeds and toasted sesame vinegar. Mix well with the sesame vinegar, let it blend with the flavours for five minutes.
2. Then reheat a skillet with a little of olive oil, then fry or sauté the tofu till golden brown. Then let it cool down.
3. Slice eggplant and red bell pepper into a desirable shape or square, spice with little salt and cumin. Then deep fry the eggplant till golden brown. Sauté the red bell pepper just enough to blend with the flavours.
4. Toast panini, then top with slice romanian lettuce, tomato, egg plant, tofu and bell pepper, Bon Appetit

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