Onion Fries

                     So lately I have this new obsession with street food, and if you read my last post you will know why. To continue on my path of street food, i've decided to come up with this awesome new recipe. I think we all love french fires, or poutine, so to make my own version of poutine, I've decided to make french fries into Onion fries which makes it sound fancy and also less fatty.

-2 green onion (chopped) 
-half white onion (chopped)
-Packaged McCain fries
-1 tomato (chopped) 
-Romaine lettuce
-2 tbsp red wine vinegar 
-1 tbsp salt 
-1 tbsp ground pepper 
-2 tbsp olive oil

-In a skillet or pot add two table spoon of olive oil, and add onions, and salt. Let it saute or cook till golden brown. 
-Add fries mix with the onion stir for a minute and every now and then. Let it cook for two minute and add red wine vinegar. Let it cook for three minutes. 
-In the mean while chop lettuce and tomato into little plate, spice with salt add fries and you are ready to eat. 
To get that feeling of street food, for cold beverage go for the classic organ crush! Bon a petit!!!

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