Creating home Practice Space

Among the many things I love about yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere. It can be practiced independently at the comfort of you home, out in nature or in a traditional yoga studio with with yogis.  
While I enjoy practicing in a studio with others, my current schedule doesn't allow me the ability to drop in a class anytime I want, particularly the classes I do want to attend. But also, yoga can be very expansive let's be honest, and going to a studio everyday can be highly costly, which is something a lot of us can't afford. So, home practice provides the opportunity to continue doing what you love without going completely broke.
Home practice can be very rewarding and a beautiful opportunity for further developing your practice; after all as Pattabhi Jois said "Yoga is 99%, 1% theory." While home practice can be terrifying and foreign at first it can be very liberating, there is great potential for freedom in one's journey. While it can be challenging at first, developing the perfect home space for practice can be difficult, finding the perfect spot, or not knowing what to do is natural. But over time one can overcome these obstacles. It is possible to come to lover home practice, which is something I've developed to love over time. It allows me to create a flow that meets my needs. 

Committing to home practice can also be challenging, so to commit to a daily practice the first thing you should do is make a date with your mat, set a specific time that you intend to practice and honor that time. Whether it is 20 minutes or an hour, make sure you commit to it. Second have an idea of your practice, create a plan of your practice such as sequence of poses that you would like to work on; as well as having a beginning and an end. Lastly, have fun with it, home practice does not have to be restrictive it can be a time to just have with your practice and try all the poses you've been wanting to try, but too shy to try in an actual class. 
However, home practice shouldn't stop you from going to a studio, studio practice can be very rewarding and it's a beautiful space to not only further your practice in theory, and get deeper knowledge of the practice of yoga, but also it's a great opportunity to connect with other yogis and feed off the positive energy that radiates from practicing with others.  
So my new space is still work in progress, I am still missing few things to completely finish the space, in the mean time this is enough for my daily practice. 
Here are few links to kick start you to establish your home practice space: 
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