Montreal Weekend Adventure

So over the weekend I've decided to take a little trip over the border, and head to Montreal. I absolutely love Montreal and every time I go there I never want leave, the city is beautiful and far more cultural and artistic compared to Ottawa. it's definitely a place I'd like to live in for while once I am done my undergrad. I went only for a whole day, which was not enough to actually enjoy the city, but I managed to squeeze in some shopping, lunch and museum time, which was the main reason I went. Given my obsession with Russian culture and history couldn't make me miss the exhibition Fabulous Fabergé. 

 “Its eggs are some of the greatest masterpieces ever created by Fabergé, who was, according to connoisseurs, the world’s most famous goldsmith. The museum’s major works include a small hardstone portrait of a sailor from the imperial yacht Zarnitsa, a very rare picture frame in the shape of a column with a portrait of Nicholas II and another in a star shape with a portrait of Grand Duchess Tatiana, second daughter of the last czar, which may well be the last sad trace of the murder of the entire imperial family at Yekaterinburg in 1918. None of these pieces has ever left American soil.” -  Dr Géza Von Habsburg, curatorial director of the London-based Fabergé Company, world-renowned expert and author of several books on Fabergé -  Montreal Museum of Fine art

The collection was beautiful and breath taking, if you happen to be in Montreal I strongly recommend  seeing the collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine art. 

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