Sunday top four: Favourite Summer drinks

For my sunday top five i've decided to blog about my favourite summer cold drink. These are simple and cheap drinks that will save not only the trip to Starbucks, but also the $7 that you would have been forced to spend at Starbucks for a frappuccino

1. Classic Ice Coffee
Like a lot of people I love my coffee, but during the hot season the last thing I want is to have a cold drink when it feels likes the Saharan desert. Instead of having a morning hot coffee I go for ice-cold coffee. You’ll need ice, coffee (brewed), soy or almond milk, vanilla extract (1tbsp.) and maple syrup (1 tbsp.) Brew your coffee as you normally do. Pour coffee into the glass; add vanilla extract, soymilk and ice. Add maple syrup and stir well.

2. Grapefruit/lime and ginger 
Like a lot of people I love my OJ, which makes this drink my favorite drink. You will one lime, one grapefruit, ginger root, and honey. Using a blender your fruits (grapefruit, lime, and ginger root). Let it chilled overnight in the refrigerator and let the pulp settled down. The next day pour your juice in a glass; add half a cup of cold chilled water, ice and honey.

3. This one is directly from Free People Blog, and I just love it! You’ll need orange, grapefruit, Lemon and Cucumber. In your water bottle or Mason jar, add chilled cold water and ice. Add your fruits and your ready to go.

4. Classica Lemonade 
Lemonade is a classic drink that i think everyone loves, regardless of who you are you will never say I hate lemonade. What is there to hate. You will need sugar, remade, and water (measurement depends on the size of the serving). First squeeze your lemonades, add water to the squeezed lemonades, add sugar to your lemonade, and mix well. Put the lemonade into your refrigerator overnight or for four hours. Serve chilled cold with ice cube. 

 Picture from A Cup of Joe
Photo from A Cup of Joe

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