Raw Vegan Energy bars

 After a long hours at the gym or a yoga class it's almost near to impossible to find a healthy energy bar that's vegan, raw, without food preservatives or unwanted chemicals. So I’ve decided to take actions into my own hands and create a raw vegan energy bar that’s completely naturally and YUMMM! This is a yummy treat that takes less than an hour to do giving me enough time to try a new yoga pose (Pada Bakasana A) and cost me only $10.00, which is a pretty good deal for someone who does not like spending too much money.

·       ½ cup of raw almonds
·       1 cup of pitted dates (20 pieces)
·       ½ cup dried unsweetened cherries
·       ¼ cup raw pecans
·       ½ kosher
·       ½ cup of white or red quinoa
·       ½ cup of chia seeds
·       ½ tsp. lavender extract
·       Raw ginger (5 slices)
·       Vegan chocolate (brand Giddy Yoyo –Vanilla Bean & salt)

1.     In a food processor, or blender if you lack one as I am, process the almonds until finely chopped or little chunky. Set aside.
2.     In the food processor add the pitted dates, unsweetened cherries, raw pecans, kosher, quinoa, chia seeds, lavender extract, pecans, sliced ginger, and vegan chocolate. Process everything until they are chopped. Set aside
3.     In a mixing bowl mix the process almonds with everything using your hands mix until satisfied. Once everything is well mixed roll into small balls. Place into a container and store in the fridge.

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