Sunday: Top Five

Hey guys Happy Sunday! How your Sunday going?
Mine started with going to work, and a customer thinking I am 16 years old. Of course it’s not something new to me because I am used to people mistaking my age pretty much 90% of the time. Before I head to my second job I thought I should blog about my top five of the week. 
1. House of Cards – my professor recommended this show to me and I am addicted. It’s a political drama that’s full of unexpected turns. The cast is just amazing, the acting is done perfect, and even better my favorite character Kevin Spacey is the main character who the show is pretty much revolves around.
2. Chalkboard Wall – from my previous blog you probably read about me painting my room chalkboard paint
3. Juicing – why eat your vegetables when you can drink it. I absolutely love juicing. 
4.  Listening to music – I was recently at a friend’s house, and they said they never have the chance to just lay in bed and listen to music, which is something we did that day. After thinking about what they said I realized I never do it either. So I decided every day before I go to bed to just lay in bed and listen to music for 30 minutes, not to worry about anything or do anything but just lay there and listen. Yesterday I was listening to Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the moon, which is one of my favorite albums of all time.
5. Yoga 

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