Juicing and Headstand

         So it’s been a while since I last blogged, and a lot has happened since the last time. Some good, bad, and some eye opening experience that I needed in order to let go. For today ‘ll try to keep things on the good side. First I got a position with my school that is similar to a teaching assistant, however realizing that I’ll have students looking up to me like I am teachers scares the hell out of me. Regardless, I cannot wait to start I always look forward to new challenges. Another good news I’ve been practicing a lot lately, and I have finally conquered one of my biggest challenge of the summer that’s doing a headstand, which started slow but after falling twice on my back I realized that’s the worst that could happen. So, finally I can do it without the aid of a wall. Once your legs are up in the air you can experiment with them, and try different pose like tree, happy baby pose or forward bend. My favorite is eagle and forward bend. 
For the last two weeks i've been on a juicing diet. I’ve been drinking lots of green and colourful juices consisted of different vegetables. I guess why eat your vegetables when you can drink them;  I have to admit thought it was hard at first, however once you get in the right stand of mind, it's not that bad. I absolutely hate kale, however kale is extremely healthy and it’s one of those vegetables that’s great for detox, so instead of cooking it I’ve made it into my main ingredient in my green juices. With Banana and blueberries I can barely taste the kale.  In the coming day’s I will be posting original recipes that I’ve experiment with. 

Handful of Blueberry
1 Banana
2 tbsp. of Flex Seeds
1 Cucumber
3 Kale leafs

Place everything in blender or a juicer.
Blend wall

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