Happy HUMP day!!

Happy hump day everyone! today I had my first day of summer course of Political Science; which I thought was going to be a a whole class, but instead we just talked about the course' objective, and the importance of partisan government. So, my hump day is very lay back. 

Lately I've been challenging myself and trying to advance my yoga ability by trying poses that i find challenging or difficult to accomplish. So far everything is going good, one of the biggest challenge has to be doing a headstand; which I am close to conquering perhaps in another month with more practice I'll be able to do it. One that I found annoying to do was the Peacock pose mainly not because it's difficult to do, but because it literally hurts your stomach and arms. Regardless I think it's one of those easy poses that any person is capable of doing.
 Here are some of the poses that i've been trying lately. Also here is a video of how to do the peacock pose. 
How to do Mayurasana, Peacock Pose

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