YOGA,Yoga, and Yoga more!

So it’s been one, or two months since I last blogged about anything. I want say I've been busy, but it's an old excuse and I need something more original than 'I am busy." In other words, I am just lazy when it comes to blogging. Since my last blog a lot has happened some good, some bad, and some were almost expected. Regardless of the each outcome I am contented with each one, and do not regard a single one. First lets start with yoga, so with no school or homework to use as an excuse to not go to yoga class I’ve been going to yoga class pretty much twice or three times week. I am proud to say I’ve managed to conquer some balance. Keeping up with health and fitness I ran my second 5K marathons in May, and already training for another marathon that will be happening in two weeks however, this time I’ll be running 10K.  In the coming days I will TRY to post some for the recipes I’ve been trying these few. Majority of these recipes will be raw food because I’ve been on raw food binge lately, and a lot of pasts because I find that I have more energy when I eat past. Here are some of my arm balance asana; there is a link to a YouTube link to one of my favourite arm balance asana. If you have nothing exciting to do this summer this is a great time to challenge your yoga ability, and try some balancing poses that you’ve always wanted to try, but were too afraid of falling, or like me you find excuses to justify your reasons to not try it. 


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