Raw food, and some cooked

I eat on my yogamat sometimes 

Namaste everyone,
Hope everyone is having a great end of the week. IF you’ve read my last post I promised that I was going to post some of the recipes that I’ve been trying lately. However, since all of the recipes are essentially raw and consisted of three to four ingredients I think I’ll just upload the pictures and enumerate the list of the ingredients, and don’t have to explain how to make a raw salad mix with almonds, or whatever.  All you need is essentially 15 items to make different types of raw salad
1.      Avocado
2.      Tomatoes –different colors –eat your colors as Michael Polland said (the more colors you have the likely you are getting different antioxidant, flavors among other things)
3.       Lettuces
4.      Cucumber
5.      Broccoli
6.      Feta cheese
7.      Almonds
8.      Tofu
9.      ginger
10.       Apple
11.       Mango
12.       Olive oil
13.       Salt
14.       Bagel
15.       Cream Cheese 
16.       Pasta
17.       Spinach
18.       Dry fruits
19.       Carrots
20.       Bell peppers – different colors
21.       Tea – I find that my meal taste so much better with tea or wine
For every single one of the salads/dishes I always try to do something new, and add something I did not add on the my previous one. To make sure I am getting the proteins, and need nutrition that I may lack from eating all greens, I added pasta and Bagels, which I absolutely love. Always cook the pasta according to the package, or how you prefer to cook it. Also, instead of eating my pasta with the classic pesto, I make my own version of pesto using spinach, or any green leafs I have at home to make a green healthy sauce for the pasta. Following the words of the author Michael Pollan I decided to try a new specie in my food chain, AVOCADO, you will see that I have it pretty much in everything. I generally don’t like avocado, but I realize mixing it with different leafs, and fruits makes it taste pretty good. I am currently in a mutual relationship where I can eat avocado without having to add three, or four other things to eat it. 
Cucumber, mango, avocado, salt, tomato, olive oil.
Bagel, Cream cheese, Avocado, cucumber, apple, tomato, salt, olive oil.
Spinach (blind the/purify the Spinach), cucumber, pasta, salt, olive oil.
Lettuce, broccoli, feta cheese, avocado, olive, oil, salt.
Tofu, broccoli, ginger, almonds, carrots, salt, olive oil. 
Almonds, avocado, lettuce, tomato, salt, cream cheese, bagel, and dry cranberry. 
Feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, salt, black petter.
Pasta, lettuce, carrots, avocado, spinach tomato, salt, almonds, cranberry, olive oil. (green sauce = spinach and lettuce, and almonds - blend in a blender  with almonds) - FYI: Green energy food before a marathon. 
Green/red bell pepper, bagel, avocado, lettuce, feta cheese, 
Spinach, feta cheese, pasta, salt, and olive oil.

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