Top Five of the Week

1. Ottawa Eco-expo - I will talk more about the expo in the coming days. 
2. International Writers Festival - I went to the Writers festivals and was impressed with the discussion. I will blog about it later in the coming days. If I can say one thing about the discussion is that it was a stimulating discourse that really got me thinking more about sustainable agriculture, and the current food system. The discussion led by three authors, Sarah Elton author of Consumed: Sustainable Food for a finite Planet, Lorraine Johnson-City Farmer: adventure in Urban Food Growing, and Berry Estabrook-Tomatoland
3. Tattoo - I finally got my first tattoo that I've been talking about getting for years. My biggest fear was the pain that is involved in getting the tattoo, but I must say that it was not as painful as I thought it would be. I read a book while this sweet awesome guy did the tattoo. I remember asking him if its going to hurt, and his answer was that Women are tough they can handle anything. This made me laugh because I thought I am not every woman, and I am scared of needles. 
4. Food & Wine Magazine - I think we all have that moment when you discover a something, and you are just at AW! And thinking to yourself, "this thing speaks my language" this is basically what happened when I discovered Food and Wine Magazine, I think it speaks for itself it's a magazine for FOOD and WINE! Need I say more? Food and Wine
5. Gwyneth Paltrow - I have to start first by saying that i tend not to follow celebrity gossip magazines because I thinking they are just bluntly STUPID!!!! But this week because I had free time, I was watching this tv show and the hosts were arguing about People Magazine World's most beautiful women. They argued that people were very critical of the decision and that she's the wrong person. My issue is not that she is the right, or wrong person because I really don't care. My issue is with the idea that she is the "WORLD'S Most Beautiful Woman" is it bias? What makes her so specially that she represents every woman in the world, and can we really call her the "world's" most beautiful women? Did People's magazine go around the world, and after all their travel they found not a single beautiful women but Gwyneth? I think People's Magazine got the name wrong, instead of World's most Beautiful women it should be "Hollywood's Celebrity MostBeautiful women." There are so many issue with the choice, but not whether she is the right person, but the meaning behind the title, and does she really represent every women in the world, even the ordinary black women in rural parts of Africa, or India? The answer seems self-evident. 

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