Picture to reality: Sesame Pasta

So, I am officially done second year, and I have to admit it was a hard year, the course load, and attempting to keep a difficult job. Regardless it was completely worth it, now I can pay attention to cooking, trying new recipes, reading for fun and not for a book report, and do a lot of yoga. I am not going to make any promise of blogging everyday because you've probably notice that I am not good with keeping my promises so, instead I am going to try to blog as much as possible, and keep you guys updated as much as possible. The next coming days are going to be great because I am attending this Eco-expo and writing festivals that I cannot wait to blog about. But till day, I am going to share with you guys some recipes that I've tried, and hopefully in the coming days give you guys an sight into African food.
I was recently looking at a photo on Pinterest, and came across this really good-looking pasta that I was drooling over. Unfortunately I was not able to gain access to the recipe because there was not link to the picture. Hence, I decided to make my own version of what I thought might be the recipe based on the image. I have to say in spite of turning like nothing in the picture, it turned to be great.

Ø    4-5 Carrots sticks
Ø    ½ cups of sesame seeds
Ø    3 bay leafs
Ø    ½ tbps rosemary
Ø    2 tbps curry powder
Ø    2 tbsp black pepper
Ø    1 tbps salt
Ø    2 tbps of cumin
Ø    3 cups of Pasta
Ø    2 tbps of olive oil or dried tomato oil

Ø    1. Cook past according to instruction
Ø    2. Dice carrots according to desired shapes
Ø    3. Once cooked pasta, drain and let it cool down
Ø    4. In a large bowl add salt, black pepper, cumin, curry powder, and olive oil. Mix.
Ø    5. In a cooking pan, add carrot, mix very thoroughly with the spices from the previous number. Add oil again, and three bay leafs.
Ø    6. Pre-heat oven for 350 or 400.
Ø    7. Let the carrots bake for 20 minutes or till golden, and mix again. Make sure the other side is cooked for 20 minutes too.
Ø    8. Once done, in  large bowl add  carrots, and pasta and mix, again with little of olive oil, or dried tomato oil.
Ø    Before serving, add a little of dried tomato oil , sided with red wine or white wine. 

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