Vegan first mistake!

                    So this month my co-workers and I decided to go vegetariam or vegan, since I am a vegetarian my only choose was going vegan. So far I really like it because nothing has really changed about my diet because I don't eat eggs, last time I had eggs was 3-4 years ago, and I tend to drink  soy milk with my coffee, and don't eat a lot of sweet things. So, today I was having my nigh snacks, soy yogurt and green macaron tea. Since I was in the mood for something sweet  I put a little spoon of honey in my yogurt and tea. While enjoying my tea i decided o google whether honey was vegan, and found out that IT IS NOT VEGAN. After reading view articles the underlining issue seems to be the cruelty and  abuse, here's a little sample of the article, 

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