Take In


Hi everyone, hope everybody is having a great start to the week. Lets talk about food, so a lot of people or some  enjoy the idea of "take out," which I enjoy as well every one and then, specially on those days when you don't feel like cooking or doing anything. But take out like eating out cost a lot of money. So to enjoy the pleasure of having a take out, I decided to buy the container that's generally given in restaurants for take out and made my own home take out. As you read the list of the ingredients you'll notice that I've used the same ingredients as the ones for the "caribbean explosion" the reason being because I do "mass cooking" meaning I cook two or three things at the same time, which saves me time and money.

-2-3 cups of pasta
-2 carrot (chopped and diced)
-Red, yellow and green bell pepper
-Half sween corn
-Half tomato
-1 Leek (chopped and diced)
-1 of each of  cayenne, jalapeño and chili pepper Diced
-2 tbs Cumin
-2 tbs Curry Power
-2 tbs Black pepper
-2 tbs sea salt
-2 tbs red wine 
- 1 tbs vinegar
-1 tbsp vegan margarine or olive oil

Side Dish: 
-Vegan margarine

Main Dish: 
1.Cook pasta according to package direction. 
2. Chop and dice all vegetables. 
3. Preheat a skillet or frying pan, add vegan margarine and let it melt. Add leek spice with Cumin, black pepper, curry and salt. Let it sauté till golden brown. 
4. Add vegetables, carrot, bell peppers, beets, sweet corn, and each of the peppers. Spice everything again, and let it saute for three minute. stir till the spices are absorbed. Add red wine, lots of it, or an amount which you desire, little of vinegar and let it cook for three minutes. Let the wine absorb. 
5. Add the pasta and stir everything and let cook for another minute or two 

Side Dish: 
1. In a frying pan, add vegan margarine let it melt and add leeks. Spice with cumin and salt. Sauté till golden brown. Add beets and let sauté for three minutes.
2. Add, broccoli, and cauliflower, let it sauté till they are brown. Let it cook for two minutes, and you are done.

              In stead of serving it in a fancy Ikea plat, use  take out container, serve hot or warm with red wine and you have the perfect take out or take in for movie night or Friday night. As aways with all of my recipes, its vegan and vegetarian friendly, so Bon a petit.

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