Sunny to Raining

Nothing says summer like rain. Just When I am about to enjoy my sunny day of DIY and laundry mother earth decided to cry, and now all I can do is nothing.
But it gives me the chance to blog so its win win situation. So lately I've been really into gardening which I don't know why. However, I have a theory that the knowledge of planting something and then seeing it grow over the course of time makes me feel proud of myself because I feel like I've achieved something.
 So far I have three plants, which are still alive which I am so proud of. The first is Cinnamon Basil, Green bell pepper, and unknown.
As always I am being green here, so instead of using a gardening pots, I decided to use Starbucks and Bridgehead cups which looks pretty cool.
Also Today had the chance to do my laundry, and unlike the majority of the population I don't use machine to dry my clothes, but I hang dry it. Hang drying your clothes has great benefits, like you can save money, reduce CO2 emissions, and incase the longevity of your clothing

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