Rainbow Dinner

Hi everyone, so continuing on my vegan recipes this is among my favor dish to make. Its very simple and doesn't cost much. Overall I spent about $20 which is pretty good because people think being a vegan is expansive, which can be sometimes.
All the ingredients  can be  bought at your grocer store. If you live in Ottawa Canada, the Herb and Spice store is perfect because you get a discount if you are a student like myself, but mostly importantly all of their products are organic. 
All the products used are organic. 
-Green, yellow, and red bell pepper 
-Tofu (firm)
-Apple (red ideally)
-Curry Powder
-Cumin Powder
-Mexican chili powder
-Olive oil 
To start cut the tofu and apple into little dices. Slice bell peppers and eggplant into any shapes you'd like. 
Spice the tofu, apple, peppers and eggplant. 
Heat olive oil in a skillet and shallow fry the eggplant until deeply golden. Do the same with the bell peppers. Repeat the same process with the tofu and apple till golden. Once done frying, preheat another skillet and dice onion into any shapes. Fry the onion and add  all the spices, curry, cumin, salt, chili powder. Let them marinate for about 2 minutes till the onion is dark brown. Add all the ingredients 
 into the marinating onion and stir it for one minute, and you are done. 

For dessert you can have this yummy vegan ice cream mixed with rasin covered chocolate and raspberry. 

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