Delicious Vegetarian Recipes

In one week I'll be writing my first semester exam, and being the only vegetarian in our house mans cooking for myself every week, because I usually cook a small amount that last only two to three days. So this week I've decided to cook my favourite recipe that I love cooking, but this time I've decided to add some new ingredients.
I have to say I am very proud of myself because it came out REALLY good and delicious.
-red/yellow/and green bell pepper
-firm soft tofu
-red/green apple
-dired cranberries
-2 tablespoon light olive oil
-1 onion, chopped
-1 tablespoon of finely grated fresh ginger
-1 1/2 table spoon of ground coriander
-4 table spoon of red mexican chill powder
-1 1/2 tablespoon of turmeric
-2 tablespoon of pure white vinegar
-1 tablespoon of cinnamon
-Red organic tomato sauce ( Can)
-2 tablespoon of hot sauce
-Brown rice or any kind of rice
Slice the apple, carrot, and red, green, yellow bell pepper into little dice.
Then using a non-stick pan,put the margarine till it melts, and put the apple, carrot and the bell pepper,let it cook and stir it every minute. Add chill powder. for 5 minutes

Steam the broccoli for 5 minutes then let the water drain off.
slic the firm tofu into little dices, using a non stick pan,put a margarine till it melts, and put the tofu mix with chill powder and let it cook till golden.

Using a cooking pan, slice the onion into little dices, using a margarine let it cook till golden, stirring it every minute. Add the red tomato and stir for 2 minutes, then add the carrots, apple,dried cranberries, and the bell peppers and stir for while. Add the tofu, and broccoli and and stir. Then add the spices and stir for one minute. Cover the pan with a lid, and let cook on low for 5 minutes.
Cook the rice anyway you'd like.
This recipe doesn't not have a name, yet, but I am open for any suggestion.
Also I mad this delicious smoothie.
Soy and Strawberry smoothie
-3 cup of Soy milk
-15 large Strawberries
-3 tablespoon of ground cinnamon
-3 1/2 corn syrup
First blend soy and corn syrup together, on low. Then add the strawberries and blend till strawberries are well blended, add the cinnamon and blend for another minute.


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