Weekend Fun

What are you guys up to this Weekend? This weekend I’ve decided to paint my room. The history of my room color is long one; it used to be white with posters. Then, it went into plain white with no posters, then lemon green, then white. Now it’s black and White. After getting this great inspiration from a photo on Tumblr my room now is half black and white.  For the black side I used chalkboard paint.  I absolutely love it because it gives me a chance to sketch without going through the process of buying a sketchbook and being extremely careful. With the chalkboard wall I feel so much free sketching because there is less constraints as to what I could sketch, or how small or Big. 
Beside painting my room, I am working on Sunday and right now instead of going out  I am watching my cousins. I have to admit I am not loving it at all because they are watching the disney channel and I am forced to watch it too.


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