Today's Lunch: Chickpeas and wheat berry salad

It's hard to belief but it's already Thursday; I am surprise by how fast the week flew by. I think the reasoning probably because I’ve kept myself pretty much occupied this whole week.
Lets talk about food! So for lunch today I felt really lazy so I decided to try something that’s minimalist, and took me literally five minutes to do it, and cost me about ten dollar. Also, today is a historical day for me because I’ve tried my first Dragon fruit; which I was a little disappointed about because I expected it to be sweet, or bitter but it was bland no flavour  Oh, I just had to share this cool nail polish with you guys, it's my favourite colour of the summer, hot PINK. 

    1 cup of Raw chickpea/or canned
    1 cup of wheat berries
    Olive oil 
    1 tbsp. salt
    1 carrot
    1 cucumber
   1 tbsp. black pepper

    Wash and resin both wheat berries, and chickpeas-separately. Place each in a bowl and let dry.
    In a large boiling pot add the chickpeas, and another pot add the berries. Let each cook till tender, or the way you prefer to each your chickpeas. Once cooked resins, and drain again and let them sit to cool off. Once cooled off mix the berries with the chickpeas.
    Slice, and dice carrots, and cucumbers.
   In a large, or small bowl spice the carrots, and cucumbers. Add the chickpeas and wheat berries. Mix everything, and serve cold warm with drizzle of olive oil.
Makes 2 serving.


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