Coffee or Tea?

Not long time ago I was smitten and enamoured with drinking coffee daily, like many out there I wake up every morning on my way to work or school a got to my favourite cafe and order my medium dark roast coffee. Later in the evening heading home I'll stop by the coffee place and buy another medium-medium.
But then after a while I realize that the coffee did not have the same affect that it used; instead of being wake a and less stressed I found my body being tired and my stressed level which is high  normal tripled. This is when I realized my body was trying to tell me to stop drinking coffee, so four months ago I decided to go cold turkey and just stop drinking coffee, and I feel great. So now instead buying coffee on by way to work or class I buy my medium lemongrass.
For those you are wondering whether it's worth going cold turkey on coffee or not, here are some benefits to why you should start drinking tea rather than coffee; the Today  provided a really good list of benefits which I think is worth looking over.

Six benefits of tea 
1. Tea contains antioxidants
2. Tea has less caffeine than coffee
3. Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke
4. Tea protects your bones. 
5. Tea gives you a sweet smile
6. Tea bolsters your immune defenses

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